Leadership Administrative Core

The Leadership Administrative Core (LAC) will provide Intellectual leadership in support of the activities of the UCLA SCORE and the SCORE consortium, and will monitor, stimulate, evaluate, and report on the research projects and educational programs particularly with respect to the overall goals of the SCORE.


Career Enhancement Core

The overall goal of the UCLA SCORE renewal is to promote multidisciplinary research studying sex differences in the brain gut microbiome (BGM) interactions in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and chronic constipation, foster scientific collaborations, and facilitate training, education and recruitment of new investigators. The Career Enhancement Core (CEC) will be responsible for implementing innovative programs to enhance collaborations, training, education, recruitment of new investigators, and community outreach. The CEC with work closely with the Leadership Administrative Core (LAC, see Administrative Core) to carry out the specific aims of the CEC, specifically overseeing the collaboration with the pilot and feasibility programs to provide seed grant funding, the recruitment and mentoring of young investigators, organization of educational conferences, and community outreach.


Data Processing and Analysis Core

The overall goal of the Data Processing and Analysis Core (DPAC) is to promote a systems biological approach to the study of brain-gut-microbiome (BGM) interactions, with a focus on sex-related differences in these interactions. The Core will apply advanced computational, biostatistical, and bioinformatics approaches to assess the interaction between various levels of biological data (e.g. microbiota, metabolites, sex hormones, multimodal brain and brainstem imaging data, clinical variables (symptom severity, widespread pain) and sex.