Lisa Kilpatrick, PhD

Photo of Lisa Kilpatrick, PhD

Lisa Kilpatrick’s research has focused on brain signatures related to brain-body dysregulation in stress-sensitive disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome. In addition, she has a long-standing interest in the influence of sex on these signatures, and she regularly attends and contributes to the annual meeting of the Organization for the Study of Sex Differences. The exploration of sex differences in the mechanisms of treatment response is an important step towards optimizing cost-effective treatments for both men and women. In her role as a co-Investigator in the Bioinformatics Core, she will apply her advanced expertise on the analysis of resting state fMRI data, as well as other neuroimaging modalities, to implement the proposed neuroimaging analyses. She maintains this expertise through regular attendance at the Biennial Resting State Conference and Organization for Human Brain Mapping annual meeting, and she can quickly adapt to new developments in the rapidly-changing field of neuroimaging. In addition, she will lend her expertise in sex differences during the interpretation of the findings. She has collaborated with Drs. Gupta, Labus, and Mayer over the years and looks forward to contributing to this ambitious project.


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