Bruce Naliboff, PhD

Photo of Bruce Naliboff, PhD

My research has focused on psychological and psychophysiological mechanisms of stress and pain, including sex differences, utilizing a variety of methodologies and with particular emphasis on visceral pain disorders such as IBS. The development and assessment of nonpharmacological treatments targeted at chronic pain has also been a significant focus of my research. These include cognitive behavioral therapies as well as alternative medicine treatments of yoga and meditation. An important theme of this research is the use of both psychological and physiological measures (including autonomic assessment and brain imaging) to better understand the mechanism of change from non-pharmacological interventions and use of this information to guide better targeting of treatments to specific problems and individual phenotypes. My role Project Co-Leader for Project 3 in the current application involves working on the overall design, assessment protocols and application of the CBT treatment to interventional phenotyping. I have a long and close collaboration with Dr. Mayer, Dr. Chang and the other Investigators who will have my extensive background in behavioral, perceptual, psychophysiological and intervention research applied to chronic pain at their disposal throughout the study.


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