To promote excellence and innovation in Mind-Body medicine through fostering new research on the neurobiology of health and healing.

Background and Rationale:

  • Mind-Body and alternative medicine approaches are increasingly sought out by patients to supplement their traditional health care. While sometimes effective there is little current scientific study in this area or rationale for which treatments to apply to which conditions or patients.
  • This program applies western science to determine how specific Mind Body and alternative medicine treatments work and how to enhance their effectiveness.

Example Projects:

  • An NIH funded study of brain signatures from neuroimaging associated with successfully use of mindfulness meditation for chronic visceral pain.
  • A study of Yoga training for Veteran’s with post traumatic headache

Disease Areas:
Chronic Pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Post Traumatic Headache, Non-Drug Therapies, Probiotics and the Brain-Gut Axis

Key Investigators:
K Tillisch, BD Naliboff, M Zirovich, EA Mayer, J Labus, L Kilpatrick

Funding: NIH, Philanthropy