Institution: Mayo Clinic
Director: Virginia Miller, PhD
Research Theme: Sex-Specific Risk for Vascular Dysfunction and Cognitive Decline
Institution: Medical University of South Carolina, CharlestonĀ 
Director: Kathleen Brady, MD, PhD
Research Theme: Sex and Gender Differences in Addictions and Stress Response
Institution: Northwestern University
Director: Andrea Dunaif, MD
Research Theme: Genes, Androgens and Intrauterine Environment in PCOS
Institution: University of California, Davis
Director: Nancy Lane, MD
Research Theme: Sex Differences in Musculoskeletal Diseases
Institution: University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Denver
Director: Wendy Kohrt, PhD
Research Theme: Metabolic Consequences of Loss of Gonadal Function
Website: centers/WomensHealth/WhatWeDo/Pages/Research.aspx
Institution: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Director: John DeLancey, MD
Research Theme: Birth, Muscle Injury and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Institution: University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Director: Marilyn Carroll, PhD
Research Theme: Sex Differences and Progesterone effects on Impulsivity, Smoking and Cocaine Stress
Institution: University of Pennsylvania
Director: C. Neill Epperson, MD
Research Theme: Pre-pubertal Stress, Windows of Risk and Sex Bias for Affective Disturbance
Institution: Washington University, St. LouisĀ 
Director: Scott Hultgren, PhD
Research Theme: Molecular and Epidemiologic Basis of UTI in Women
Institution: Yale University
Director: Sherry McKee, PhD
Research Theme: Gender-Sensitive Treatment for Tobacco Dependence

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